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5 Open Banking Use Cases Beyond Banks And Fintechs

Open banking can be a driving force for innovation in industries beyond banking. Let’s look at 5 less-obvious open banking use-cases that are either in planning/ development stage or haven't been built yet. 

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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is hailed as the most revolutionary financial regulation of the 21st century. In this article, we'll be taking a look at what open banking is, how it works and who it benefits, as well as the global impact open banking has created for financial inclusion initiatives across the globe.

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Open Banking Loans: 4 Reasons Why They Outperform Traditional Loans

 With the Traditional loans stuck in the past with limited information and outdated processes, and Open Banking loans growing in popularity, here are 4 ways that Open Banking loans improve your average loan experience.

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Here’s why account data is the best data source for income verification

Here's what sets account data apart from other sources for income verification (and why it's ultimately the best)

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Transaction categorisation: 9 value-adding use-cases for retail banks and lenders

To help you navigate the maze that is account data, we’ve compiled a list of value-adding use-cases in lending that will help you understand the value of collected account information.

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What inspired us to build credit scoring models from transaction data

What inspired us to keep researching the area of transaction-based behavioural scoring, despite its steep learning curve, was the fact that there is real evidence of the positive impact it can have on lending decisions.

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