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Insights / Income

Verify income for accurate financial decisions, instantly.


Insights / Income

Verify income for accurate financial decisions, instantly

Quickly and easily detect income sources, regularity and stability. Used by global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs.

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How it works

Income gives an overview on the main attributes of the clients’ income, including income source, type, amount, and information describing income changes over time. The Income product is used for verifying income and evaluating thin file customers. It can also be used as a parameter in scoring models or as a criteria in the loan evaluation process.

Supported across all countries where account data aggregation is available.


Why use it?

Our categorisation engine's precision helps our clients identify income sources accurately.

Income categories can be selected by client and the income definition can be easily tailored to suit different regulatory requirements or internal procedures;

Clients can select the periods used for selecting data points, making all calculations easily applicable.




Income can be used for determining the account holder’s financial stability, regularity, and trend.

Income stability is defined by fluctuations of received income payments. Number (float) is in interval [0,1], where 1 represents perfect stability. Income regularity is defined by patterns of received income payments.

For example, salary is received every month is regular income. Number (float) is in interval [0,1], where 1 represents perfect regularity. Income trend output is a positive number (float), if income is increasing during a given time period. A negative number if income is decreasing during time period.

Additionally, our Income product allows users to determine discretionary income - the monthly amount of an account’s income that is left for spending, investing, or saving, etc.

{“income_verification”: {“income_summary”:{“income_last_30_days”: 1000,“average_income_last_3_months”: 1000,“days_since_last_income_payment”: 15,“average_income_payment”: 500,“avarage_days_between_payments” 15,“number_of_income_payments”: 10,“whole_months”: 5,“months_with_income”: 5,“projected_average_income_next_6_months”: 1000},“income_by_months”:[{“year_month”: “2019-01”,“total_income”: 1000.0,“number_of_income_payments”: 2,“average_income_payment”: 500}],“income_sources”: [ {“source_name”: “Ltd Work”“average_income_month”: 1000“first_month”: “2019-01”“last_month”: “2019-05”}]}}Output example:

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