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Insights / Loans

Verify liabilities for accurate credit decisions, with confidence.


Insights / Loans

Verify liabilities for accurate credit decisions, with confidence

Quickly and easily detect credit liabilities and behavioural patterns. Used by global banks, lenders, brands and fintechs.

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How it works

To understand a loan applicant's true creditworthiness, a lender must first gather a holistic view of their loan activity. Nordigen's Loan product provides lenders with applicant loan activity insights based on their account data.

Supported across all countries where account data aggregation is available.


Why use it?

Loans insights provide detailed information on the loan activity, segregating loan types and lenders.

Loans insights depict tendencies and estimations of overall liabilities.




The transaction output provides transaction category type identification for credit and deposit accounts from global financial businesses. Our engine recognises income, liabilities and 100+ other transaction categories.

{“loans”: {“loans_summary”:{“loan_payments_last_30_days”: 1000,“average_loan_payments_last_3_months”: 1000,“average_loan_payments_last_6_months”: None,“average_loan_payments_last_12_months”: None,“days_since_last_incoming_loan”: 15,“average_loan_payment”: 500,“avarage_days_between_new_loans”: 15,“number_of_loan_payments”: 10,“whole_months”: 5,“months_with_new_loans”: 5,“projected_average_loan_payment_next_3_months”: 1000},“loans_by_months”:[{“year_month”: “2019-01”,“total_incoming_loans”: 1000.0,“total_loan_payments”: 1000.0,“number_of_incoming_loans”: 2,“number_of_loan_payments”: 2},[ … ]{“year_month”: “2019-05”,“total_incoming_loans”: 1000.0,“total_loan_payments”: 1000.0,“number_of_incoming_loans”: 2,“number_of_loan_payments”: 2},],“lenders”: {“Payday”: [{“name”: “Money Loans Digital”“occurrences”: 12},{“name”: “Quick Top-Up Loans”“occurrences”: 5}],“Mortgage”: [{“name”: “Simple Finance Bank”“occurrences”: 10}]}}Output example:

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